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Switch (2011)

Link to Fully Playable Switch Game

Switch is an action puzzle game where players use gravity to manipulate their environment to solve puzzles.

The player plays as unit 731, a robot serving aboard the final refuge for the human race. The player navigates through the spaceship by solving puzzles, moving unique boxes, and unlocking portals doors. With a unique blend of puzzles and humor, Switch will make players laugh while testing their wits. Prepare to Switch your reality upside down!

Switch Trailer

Switch Project Team Credits

CTIN 484/489 Project Leads

Johnson Lightfoote
Lead Producer, Designer

Thomas Curry
Lead Programmer, Designer


Jonathan Ying
Character Artist

Emory Irpan

Dorion Sneed
Object Artist

Sound and Music Designers

Amparo Edo Biol:

Joshua Cohen:

 Dreamscape Game Design Concept and Pitch (2011)

Kip, a young boy constantly harassed by a bully and scolded by his teacher, enters his dreams to escape this harsh reality. Dreamscape is a 2D side scrolling platform adventure game similar to Braid for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network online markets. In the real world, when Kip is met with a seemingly impassible barrier, Kip falls asleep to figure out how to get past these obstacles. In the dream world, Kip traverses unique landscapes to solve puzzles and return to the real world with new abilities or knowledge to surmount obstacles.

Dreamscape Game Design and Concept DocumentDreamscape Pitch Presentation

TenSen: Celestial War (2010)

TenSen Logo

TenSen is a fast paced real-time Speed based card game where players must organize their armies to defeat enemy  Daimyos. Players control a Japanese Emperor who controls their army to attack and destroy the enemy Daimyo and his armies. The first player to collect the head of the other Daimyos wins!

Setup, Rules, and Demographic for TenSen

TenSen Team Credits

Johnson Lightfoote
Twitter: @Jlightfoote

David Hollin

Emory Irpan

Jonathan Wilson

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